• If you are not already a member of the Renfrew County Legal Clinic, please consider joining. Benefits of membership include the RCLC newsletter published twice a year, and voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting.  
  • If you are already a member please pass along the membership application to a friend to sign and return to the Legal Clinic.
  • There is no membership fee. 
  • Membership is not necessary to obtain legal service from the Renfrew County Legal Clinic. 





The undersigned requests to be admitted as an annual member of the Renfrew County Legal Clinic and agrees with the following objects of Renfrew County Legal Clinic:


  1. To establish, maintain and operate a community legal clinic within and for the benefit of the community in the County of Renfrew;
  2. To provide legal services or paralegal services or both, designed to promote the legal welfare of our community on a basis other than fee for service;
  3. To provide community legal education in order to promote collective solutions to local injustice and poverty, and to explore methods that will promote the active participation of community residents in dealing with problems related to the law;
  4. To act as an agent/ advocate for low income groups and individuals in addressing legal matters;
  5. To assist low income groups and individuals in organizing to achieve their rights;
  6. To promote law reform in order to more equitably address the needs of low income groups and individuals;
  7. To ensure that Renfrew County Legal Clinic becomes a known and trusted resource to the community. 







Name (please print):_________________________________




                                                                                     Phone: _______-_______-___________



Membership Expiry:     December 31st, this year.


Print this application and send to:


Renfrew County Legal Clinic 

236 Stewart Street, Suite 101

Renfrew, Ontario

K7V 1X7  

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