About the Clinic


The Renfrew County Legal Clinic is an independent non-profit corporation run by a Board of Directors made up of people who work or live in Renfrew County.  They are elected by the members of the Clinic. 

The Clinic is staffed by three lawyers and two support staff .  All help is private and confidential.

The Clinic was established in 1986.  Our main office is in Renfrew, with a permanent satellite office in Pembroke and monthly Clinic days in Barry's Bay and by appointment in Arnprior. 




We share the vision of:

Material improvement in the lives of our clients

Our clients having a better understanding of their rights

The community having a better understanding of our clients' rights and realities

Our clients working effectively together and being empowered


...And a vision of the Renfrew County Legal Clinic As:

Community leaders in raising issues of poverty

Working effectively with other community groups

Effectively providing direct legal services

Enjoying an effective harmonious workplace




As a clinic we value:

Justice - Including:

                 ~ legal, social, and economic justice

                 ~equality (fairness)


Ethical decision-making/ Discernment

                  ~discerning our biases and values in the decision-making process


A client-based focus, including:




                   -co-operation with community partners

                    -empowerment (enablement)

                    -awareness-raising of poverty issues



The courage to speak truth to power


Dignity and respect as fundamental to relationships both inside and outside the clinic


Workplace wellness including:

                       -good communication

                       -the free flow of ideas

                       -quiet and deep listening

                       -trust, teamwork

                       -feeling free to accept and learn from our mistakes


Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote access to justice for low income people of Renfrew County with the aim of promoting a just society.


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Renfrew County Legal Clinic